Four reasons why our gift boxes are the perfect way to show you care

Four reasons why our gift boxes are the perfect way to show you care

Have you ever struggled with getting the perfect gift for someone? Honestly, this might be the second biggest struggle after figuring out what you want to eat. 

#1: Personalized Touch

A great gift-giver understands how important it is to align a gift to the recipient’s interests or needs and with mymobox, anyone can be great at gifting! Our boxes are curated based on life’s milestones and common situations, but with the various available add-ons, they can easily be personalized to suit the recipient's interests. We’ll even take it a step further than the add-ons and offer completely custom boxes for our corporate and community friends who are looking to show their team how appreciative they are! 

“I surprised my bestie with a mymobox for a special moment in my life. Packaging was EVERYTHING! Loved every detail from the face mask to the succulent plant!”

#2: Quality Products
We spent a great deal of time researching and testing out products before they made the cut. It’s easy to just place a bulk order online and upcharge customers, but we never take that route. Not only do we offer quality products, we support other small businesses in the process. Items such as our candles, are handmade by a small woman-owned business. 

#3: Convenience
Let’s revisit the art of being a great gift giver for a second. If I’m being honest, I feel like searching for the perfect gift can be a bit overwhelming. If you overthink your decisions, this is an even more taxing process. Our specially-curated boxes are designed to eliminate any stress that comes with gift giving — we did the hard work for you! And you know what else? We even considered life situations where a gift may be needed to lift your loved one’s spirits. Did your best friend just earn a promotion? We have a box dedicated to celebrating that occasion. Each box includes custom packaging, designed to set each one of them apart and to explain what’s included.

#4: Affordable Pricing
With today’s crazy inflation, this is really what seals the deal. We offer affordable pricing for all boxes and by ordering this together, you’re saving so much more than if you were to put together a box yourself. If that’s not enough, we got you something special: use code SAVE5 for 5% off your order!

Check out our boxes and happy shopping!
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